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Stencil Maker | Pro Studio, Inc.

Pro Studio, Inc. specializes in meticulous and beautiful stencil work. Our in-house stencil maker can give anything from small glasses to window panes the elaborate design treatment. Wine glasses and other small pieces of glass are perfect for simple and elegant designs. These types of glass objects are coated with a protective layer of coating, and then a design is slowly etched into the right spot exactly to your desired specifications. We apply the same methodology to our large glass panes to ensure that everything, from the color to the exact etching, is perfectly applied. If you’re interested in what we can etch a design into, then feel free to call us today, and we can see what we can do for you. We proudly offer stencil work, protection glass, and painting services to the Chicago, IL area.

All of our stained glass windows are crafted to our extremely high standards
Contact Us
For more information about our stencil maker, please contact Pro Studio, Inc. in Chicago, IL today!
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